Friends of the Crystal Trail Love this Valley

We want to share Carbondale, Redstone & our lovely Valley by promoting non-motorized use by residents and visitors.

A good start on the Crystal Valley Trail has been built South of Carbondale for about 6 miles.  

This is to be part of the West Elk Scenic Trail from Carbondale to Crested Butte. 

Governor Hickenlooper's "16 in 16" Trail proposal has given impetus to restarting this long stalled project.

Serious Planning is underway as Pitkin County Open Space & Trails received a GOCO grant in December 2016.

Go to the Project Page for the Carbondale to Crested Butte Trail to get updated information from Open Space & Trails.

The following meetings are scheduled, from 5 – 7 p.m. for presentations to the community and the gathering of citizen concerns:

    on January 12th at the Church in Redstone,

on January 18th at Carbondale Town Hall and

    on February 6th at the Crested Butte Town Hall

Looking North to snow capped Mt. Sopris, from the Crystal River just east of Highway 133 south of Redstone

2004 West Elk Loop Study: Background & Crested Butte to Redstone

2004 West Elk Loop Study: Redstone to Carbondale

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For those new to our Valley we have some more pictures of Redstone:  Town of Redstone Snapshots
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The 2004 study with much larger maps is available at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)    2004 West Elk Loop Study with BIG maps!

Leaving Carbondale headed south

The Friends of the Crystal Trail is an association of individuals, businesses and groups interested in completing a multi-user path for pedestrians, bicyclists and horseback riders along the Crystal River from Carbondale to Redstone and then over McClure Pass.

The trail will meander along the Valley floor, following the Crystal River south from Carbondale. The route will then pass over McClure pass, then down to and over Kebler Pass to Crested Butte.

While enjoying exceptional scenery, users may also stop and visit Carbondale, Redstone, Marble, in addition to farms, ranches.  Forest Service and the Maroon Bells-Snowmass and Raggeds Wilderness lands along the way.

The Crystal Trail will become part of the West Elk Scenic Loop from Crested Butte to Carbondale. Its design must provide maximum safety for users and minimize the impact on wildlife

To achieve these goals and optimize trail usability in different seasons the trail will use both highway right of ways and other seasonally available byways as right of ways permit.

A few miles south the Crystal Valley narrows. 
Around this corner is the KOA campground.

Passing Avalanche Creek, ~ 3 miles ahead is the North entrance to Redstone and the Redstone Campground.  In addition, there is are Forest Service Campgrounds a mile or so up Avalanche Creek Rd.

Hays Creek Falls – a mile and a bit south of Redstone

Crystal River in Placita looking south -- as it disappears from view the river turns left (east) toward Marble.  A short distance up the road to Marble is the Forest Service's Bogan Flats campgound.